Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe Grafisk Design

Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe

2015 - Now
Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer &
Graphic Design Consultant at Trifork Academy

2008 - 2015
Senior Graphic Designer at Trifork and GOTOconference

2006 - 2008
Owner/Partner in Seeyousima - Architecture, Space & Graphic Design Bureau, Aarhus

2004 - 2005
Illustrator & Graphic Designer at Marginal A/S

2001 Graphic Design Start Up
CEO and owner at Malene Rauhe Graphic Design & Illustration Bureau, Aarhus

2000 Cand. Arch
Graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture Department V

Intern at CF Mølles Tegnestue, Aarhus (6 month)
Art and Photography at Artschool, Aarhus

Project Manager and Editor at Aarhus Filmworkshop

MA, Film and Media Studies at Copenhagen University (two semester course)

Went to school in Vejle, played a lot of music - mainly saxophone. For some years I thought music would be my profession, but somewhere along the line art and design took over. I loved movies, especially the French films, so I went to Paris to learn French. While studying Architecture I supported my self working as a cook/waiter ( and bouncer) at an Arab Restaurant 1001 Nat. Only Arab men worked here and they thought me to stay calm, friendly and firm - even on the crazy busy nights. In return, I helped them on Danish tests and lessons and the very demanding Drivers License Test.
A big part of my life has been about
traveling and learning. For three months I lived in Beijing and Hong Kong to study Tai Chi Chuan. Later, while traveling in Bali I became a Certified Padi Advanced Open Water Diver... Nothing fancy - just a nice way to experience a foreign country - instead of just been-there-done-that-rushing thru. Hopefully, my next traveling/learning experience will be a combined Drawing and Yoga Retreat somewhere nice and warm.

2014 Illustration Workshop
v. Karina Bækkelund

2013 Visual Notetaking Workshop
I See What You’re Saying: Communicating Visually - Heather Willems

2011 Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)Jeff Sutherland

2011 Activity-Based Interaction Design: A Model-Driven Approach
Larry L. Constantine, IDSA, ACM Fellow

Usability, UX, UI Workshop A user user manual (how to build software that works the way your users think)
Chris Nodder

2010 Usability, UX, UI Workshop Janne Jul

2014 Fagfestival Dansk Journalist Forbund *
2014 We Love Graphic Design *
2014 Aarhus Alpha Design Conference*
2014 GOTO Aarhus
2014 GOTO Copenhagen
2014 QCon London
2013 QCon, San Francisco
2012 TEDxCopenhagen*
2012 QCon, San Francisco
2011 TEDxCopenhagen*
2011 Usability Conference, Copenhagen*
2011 QCon, San Francisco
2010 HTML5, New York*
2010 QCon, San Francisco
2010 iPhone Dev Day London*

* Attending

Since I graduated as an Architect in 2001 I’ve been working with Graphic Design and Freelance illustration.

Member of The Danish Union of Journalists

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