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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Malene Rauhe born in Seoul, Korea – live and work Aarhus, Denmark. I started my illustration bureau in 2001 creating illustrations for books, posters and magazines on a freelance basis. My work embrace illustration, drawing, photography, painting, writing, graphic design, visual identities & branding and architectural concepts for exhibitions & museums.

I love visual arts in all its shapes and forms. Passionate about tech trends, fashion, traveling and yoga

If you have any questions – feel free to call me +45 4022 8432 or send me a

Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe

My Skills

In my heart of hearts I'm a Designer. I love the process of making, sketching, researching. For the past six years I've specialized in branding and design for software development conferences and events - the whole 'conference package' logo, look & feel, web, banner, social media campaigns, on-site photo & Instagram , stagedesign.

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Illlustrator 86%

  • Photography 75%

  • Wordpress - learning by doing - wrong and being stubborn 63%

  • Hands-on Mixed Media Collage 96%

Why Choose Me?

If you decide to work with me… be warned…I ask A LOT of questions ! Why ? Short answer: I’m curious. I want to know you story - and the story behind your story…looking for the little things, feelings, flavors, that makes your business special, what makes you stand out. This knowledge is the basis for turning your visions into original and convincing designs

The first hour is free of charge. We'll talk, have a coffee, discuss options, make sure that we like each others approach. This is fundamental.
We will make the project plan meet your budget and your expectations.

What is a good design solution ? Is your heart in it ?.. and does it help you grow your business ?

1. You talk - I listen
2. Workshop - visual brainstorming, playing around
3. Proto/preto-typing and testing ideas
4. Analyzing - deciding - refining ideas
5. Real World Testing..again
6. Finalizing, printing, implementing

Featured Services

Graphic Design

Full Service Graphic Design - from idea to printer Flyers, Handouts, Postcards, Nametag and Conference Swag and Give-aways and branded T-shirts

Logo Design

Creating corporate identity Logos and branding


Documenting conferences & Events, Pictures for Twitter and Instagram Visual recording of Conferences and Events


Visual Note taking and sketching is a great way of researching and developing projects In a Drawing State of Mind

Knowledge - Experience - Creativity



Relentlessly Curious

I Love the process of creating, investigating and learning by doing – sometimes doing wrong,…

Visual Communication – Connecting people and ideas

Visual Communication – Connecting people and ideas

Connecting people and ideas

Getting my costumers from on point to another – Connecting people and ideas

Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe Grafisk Design
Malene Rauhe Freelance Grafisk Designer & Illustrator i Aarhus : CEO : Owner

Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe Grafisk Design

Curriculum Vitae Malene Rauhe

Since I graduated as an Architect in 2001 I’ve been working with Graphic Design and Freelance illustration. Member…


Visual ID for Conferences


Logo Design


Years of Design Experience


Shots Taken

Working with great people and ideas

Makes me love my job


I’m so happy and proud to have worked with all these great people and companies, doing logos, t-shirt print design, visual branding, poster, postcards, exhibition concepts, illustrations for books and magazines, websites and much much more…thank you all.

Selected Freelance Graphic and Illustration projects: Design InternetWeek Denmark/ ScalaDays San Francisco, Amsterdam , NY, Berlin /Typesafe/ Trifork/ Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen (Kulturministeriet) / Akupunktør & Jordemoder Johanne Siegumfeldt / Marselisklinikken / Damgaard Frugt & Nødder

...more great projects
Forlaget Klim / AkupunkturHuset / Frie Skolers Lærerforening / GOTO conferences / Historiernes By / KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad /Moesgaard Museum / Muskelsvindfonden / Simonis Haver / Pileforeningen /Hummel / 4IMPROVE - Consulting Group / Grapeland / Humio / Smag på Aarhus - Center for Byens Anvendelse / SpectoLab UK / Aarhus Kommune / EC Network / Artist Kirstine Roepstorff Studio, Berlin & DK / Upcycling Forum / Forlaget Olga / Odense Design Akademi / Røde Kors

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