Logo design for IT-companies, events, health, art & crafts

Since 2003 I’ve designed logos, visual identities and websites for a number of clients. My clients vary from technology, IT software development conferences, acupuncture, NLP, willow wickers, landscape architects, arts & craft. A good logo should tell a story, create attention, recognition og sympathy. It should communicate your values and make ‘sense’ to both heart and commerce

What is a good logo ? Is your heart in it ?.. and does it help you grow your business ? To begin with most people don’t know what they want – all they know is that they need a logo to grow their business.

Asking the right questions

If you decide to work with me… be warned…I ask A LOT of questions ! Why ? Short answer: I’m curious. I want to know your story – and the story behind your story…looking for the little things, feelings, flavors, that makes your business special, what makes you stand out. This knowledge is the basis for turning your visions into original and convincing logo designs

This is how I usually do it.

1. You talk – I listen
2. Workshop – visual brainstorming, playing around
3. Proto/preto-typing and testing ideas
4. Analyzing – deciding – refining ideas
5. Real World Testing..again
6. Finalizing, printing, implementing

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